Visiting ADNEC is easy!

Understanding the Visa process

Before continuing you will need the following items

  1. Your passport
  2. A scan of your passport photo page in high resolution
  3. A scan of a passport style photo in high resolution
  4. Your flight information and dates of travel

Terms & Conditions

To receive your visa on time your application must be completed 20 days prior to the date of entry, or for urgent visa requests 10 days prior to entry into the United Arab Emirates.

  • Visa applications can't be processed unless payment is received in full.
  • Visa applications are subject to immigration policy and procedure and the United Arab Emirates Government laws, ADNEC is not held responsible should your visa application be rejected.
  • A minimum of 5 working days is required to obtain the visa from the immigration office
  • No refund will be made under any circumstances once the visa is issued by the immigration office

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